23(Sun)September 2018, 15:00 Open Studio and Showcase

Merespon Trauma
Responding to Trauma(Process in Progress)

Naque Ariffin (Kuala Lumpur)

This is an exploration in theatrical performance on the actor‮ ‬fs traumatic experience‭. ‬Naque‮ ‬’s research is mainly on how one overcome their own traumatic experience‭, ‬make use the experience in safe space during rehearsal and aims to lessen their pain using theatrical‭ ‬

Artist Profile

Naque Ariffin is a theatre activist around Kuala Lumpur and Jakarta. He was awarded as the “Best Actor In a Supporting Role” Boh Cameronion Arts Awards in 2012 under the direction of Fared Ayam’s Short Eyes. Among his theatre directions are Medea, SiputMan, Tragedi Salmah, Perspektif, Konspirasi, Sesudah Subuh, Tepuk Amai-Amai, Nasionalistik Plastik and many more. He’s also a scenographer and a set designer in several productions in Kuala Lumpur, including Musical Sudirmania (Lambang Sari Istana Budaya), and Jam Dinding Yang Berdetak (Lambang Sari, Istana Budaya).

Performance Schedule

23(Sun)September 2018, 15:00


BLACK BOX, Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan(ASWARA)