20(Thu) September 2018, 20:00 Open Studio and Showcase

Maharajamana(Process in Progress)

Teuku Umar Ilany(Kuala Lumpur)

Composed by Teuku Umar for Malay gamelan‭, ‬Maharajawana is based on the translation text of‭ ‬‮ ‬’Cherita Maharajawana‬’, ‬popularised‭ ‬by the Kelantan shadow puppetry of wayang kulit‭. ‬This work attempts to conceptualise a narrative music in Malay gamelan form‭, ‬with the musical ideas absorbed from Makyung music as well as the approach of the composition using manipulative musical elements‭ (‬time signature‭, ‬tonality etc‭.); ‬to represent the characters of Maharajawana‭. ‬Using musical leitmotifs to represent the characters‭, ‬the music develops into a story‭, ‬reflecting the epic story of Maharajawana‭.‬

Artist Profile

Teuku Umar Ilany graduated in 2014 with a first class degree in composition and arranging from ASWARA. At ASWARA he exposed to traditional Malay performing arts, from Wayang Kulit (Malay shadow play) and Mak Yong to Bangsawan, Mek Mulong and Randai – all influencing his musical skills. He has directed traditional performances in ASWARA and has led the ASWARA Gamelan Group in collaboration with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). He is also a resident composer of Rhythm in Bronze. He is a lecturer in ASWARA (PuTRA), and technical director and resident composer of Gangsapura Enterprise, researching and conserving the traditional Malay gamelan while creating contemporary works.

Performance Schedule

20(Thu) September 2018, 20:00


BLACK BOX, Akademi Seni Budaya dan Warisan Kebangsaan(ASWARA)