17-19 July, Open: 10:00-18:00; Performance 18-19 July, 16:30-17:30 Open Studio and Showcase

LA DANSE MACABRE (PROCESS IN PROGRESS)I Putu Bagus Bang Sada (Gusbang)Natasha Gabriella Tontey

I Putu Bagus Bang Sada or Gusbang (choreographer, Bali–Yogyakarta) and Natasha Gabriella Tontey (visual artist, Jakarta-Yogyakarta)
(1) The starting point of this collaborative work is Gusbang dan Tontey’s shared thematic affinity that both of them have explored in each previous works before that centres on fear and death. Both explore the narratives related to fear and death but this time they don’t rush into transcendental or spiritual frameworks or themes, nor relate these topics to certain myths of horror as they did before. Instead, they choose to visit funeral homes in Yogyakarta and talks to forensic experts in several cities to excavate stories on death, modes of dealing with it, rituals involving the family and closest comunity of the deceased. From this research, they learn how the living often imbue power on the dead behind the solemnity of burial ritual.
(2) In addition to purification rituals, decorating thebody with fragrances and giving the deceased the best final abode possible, the living insist on arranging physical gestures and postures of the deceased to fit certain ideas of physical perfection. Identity informed by normative religion and gender conformity are insisted on the dead. This is all done in the hope that the dead will not leave any unnatural impression and horror for the living. At the end, these could be read as abnormality accepted as the normal as a means to ‘neutralise’ the fear of death for the living.

Artist Profile

I Putu Bagus Bang Sada (Gusbang)I Putu Bagus Bang Sada or Gusbang (b. 1993) is a choreographer from Bali who graduated from Indonesia's Arts Institute (ISI), Yogyakarta, with a BA and MA degree in dance. Through artistic work, he investigates the Balinese tradition in relation to his identity as an individual who was born and grew up in Balinese religious - and yet cosmopolitan - society. He also notices there are various new interpretations and negotiations that the Balinese society applies to their own traditional practices within the dynamic context of modernity. Gusbang has performed in various festivals, among them Rota Do Oriente Lisbon, Portugal (2013), World Dance Day Solo (2014), Solo International Performing Arts (2014), Asia Tri Japan (2015), Turkish Folk Dance Festival (2015), World Culture Forum (2016), International Art Festival (2016), Indonesian Cultural Festival in Taiwan (2016) and Art Jog 10 (2017). Last year, Gusbang joined a residency programme Monsoon Platform, part of Europalia Indonesia in Leuven, Belgium.Natasha Gabriella TonteyBorn in 1989, Tontey is an artist and graphic designer, interested in exploring the theme of fear, horror and terror. She questions the idea of how fear could be manifested and created in order to control public opinion and she is also concerned with the concept of fiction and reality and some offbeat thought. She tries to bring this idea by developing a mixture between fiction, dream, and memory with interdisciplinary approach. She obtained a BA from Visual Communication Design In University of Pelita Harapan (2011). Some recent programmes that she was involved in are Youth of Today at Ruang MES56 (Yogyakarta, Indonesia) LIMINAL at Cemeti Art House (Yogyakarta, Indonesia), Koganecho Bazaar 2015 (Yokohama, Japan), Next Wave Festival 2016 (Melbourne, AU), and UNKNOWN ASIA 2016 (Osaka, Japan).

Performance Schedule

17-19 July, Open: 10:00-18:00; Performance 18-19 July, 16:30-17:30