10am - 12pm ; 2pm - 5 pm; 4pm open to public Masterclasses

Body (as) TextPadmini Chettur


The first part of the day will be a led class that will prepare the body to connect action to space with a large focus on alignment and initiation. This material which I like to propose as ‘ anti-technique’, doesn’t impose aesthetic, rather tries to create intelligence and derives from my own decades of experience training dancers. For the later half, I will try to recreate the duets from Varnam using gestural material that is proposed by the participants. I use this format to introduce ideas of tension, time and dynamics, leading into a sharing of my compositional methodology. * We will need some chairs for the masterclass. Also maybe the participants with certain traditional dance background can prepare by choosing 2 or 3 narrative lines from their repertory. (Participants with other bodily practice than dance are welcome, e.g. theatre or martial-arts).

Performance Schedule

10am - 12pm ; 2pm - 5 pm; 4pm open to public